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What is UI/UX ? UX and UI are very different but they do depend on each other.


User Interface(UI) design of mobile apps is the most critical factor for developing the apps that will attract your customers. If your app fails to deliver a best-in-class user experience then your customers will simply not download the mobile apps as there are plenty of apps available in the App Stores, enabling you to take better and smarter decisions.




The UI design for the mobile apps are dependent quite a lot on the operating system versions and the releases on new device models as they appear in the market.


  • Diffused Background



The mobile UI design is different because of the smaller screens sizes. The designers are using diffused background for grabbing hold of the user attention, as the focus is on the various app features. It is tough to get that fraction of attention from the users



A great user experience is always created by the bright colours and attractive interfaces. Users must be able to customize the apps as per their need. It is all about creating features which are indispensable for users. There are funny messages and notifications for improving user engagement in some apps.


  • Material Design



Material design forms the core of many apps that are developed, first introduced by Google in 2014. It provides with fast-loading and simple effects in the form of animation, grading and layering.


  • Swiping Replaces Other Gestures



The mobile apps that hits the maximum success rates use the wide range of gestures for better UX. The gesture driven navigation will allow easier in-app transactions and motions.


  • Colorful Palettes



The smart designers always make a choice of the vibrant colors. Photoshop and other design tools make this task easier for picking range of colors.


  • Hidden Navigation



Space is saved by hidden functionalities in the apps. Navigation drawers are one way to hide navigation. Menus will not appear often and stays invisible most of the time, other than when the need arises.


Different ux designers use different tools for their design process,All matters is how the tool helps to fulfill the design process ,quick and easily.

Following tools we use for UX:



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